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[[ФайлРәсем:Gender symbols side by side.svg|thumb|right|Җенес символлары: хатын-кыз (сулда), ир (уңда). [[Венера (мифология)|Венера]] һәм [[Марс (мифология)|Марс]] символлары.]]
'''Гендер''' (яки ''җенсият'') - [[шәхес]]нең ''[[ирлелек]]'' ([[:en:masculinity|ингл.]]) һәм ''[[хатын-кызлылык]]''<ref>[http://news.yuldash.com/news687 Аларда хатын-кызлылык, мөлаемлек юк.]</ref> ([[:en:femininity|ингл.]]) сыйфатлары арасындагы аермаларны билгеләүче физик, менталь һәм үзен тоту үзенчәлекләренең спектры.<!-- NOTE: Before altering this definition, consider referring to past talk page discussions about defining gender, and/or looking at more than just the sources that only define it as a social aspect, as defining gender is a complicated topic; also "Characteristics" is a disambiguation page; this means that it does not explain what we mean by sex/gender characteristics, which is why we do not link it. --><ref name=udry>{{cite journal |doi=10.2307/2061790 |first1=J. Richard |last1=Udry |month=November |year=1994|title=The Nature of Gender |journal=Demography |volume=31 |issue=4 |pages=561–573 |pmid=7890091 |url=http://www.northeastern.edu/womensstudies/graduate/courses/course_material/men_women_social/documents/Udry_Nature_of_Gender.pdf |jstor=2061790}}</ref><ref name="haig">{{cite journal |first1=David |last1=Haig |authorlink1=David Haig (biologist) |month=April |year=2004 |title=The Inexorable Rise of Gender and the Decline of Sex: Social Change in Academic Titles, 1945–2001 |journal=Archives of Sexual Behavior |volume=33 |issue=2 |pages=87–96 |pmid=15146141 |doi=10.1023/B:ASEB.0000014323.56281.0d |url= http://www.oeb.harvard.edu/faculty/haig/publications_files/04inexorablerise.pdf}}</ref><ref name="Monash">{{cite web | url=http://www.med.monash.edu.au/gendermed/sexandgender.html | title=What is the difference between sex and gender? | publisher=Monash University | date=23 June 2004 | accessdate=May 10, 2012 | author=Ann-Maree Nobelius}}</ref> Контекст буенча, термин [[җенес]] ([[ата зат|ата]] яки [[ана зат]]ыннан булу хәле), [[иҗтимагый роль]]ләр ([[:en:social role|ингл.]]) яки ''[[гендер кемлек]]не'' ([[:en:gender identity|ингл.]]) билгеләүдә кулланыла.<ref name=udry/><ref name="haig"/><ref name="Monash"/><ref name="www.who.int">{{Cite web|title=What do we mean by "sex" and "gender"?| publisher=[[Бөтендөнья сәламәтлек оешмасы]]| accessdate= 2009-09-29|url=http://www.who.int/gender/whatisgender/en/index.html}}</ref>
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