Привет. Создай пожалуйста статью про город Ульяновск - Сембер. Тут живёт много татар, а статьи про город в татарской википедии до сих пор нет. ru:Участник:Amdf

Большое спасибо.
Если будет время и желание, напиши пожалуйста ещё про ru:Старокулаткинский район Ульяновской области (там 95 % населения - татары) и газету Өмет. ---- ru:Участник:Amdf

Betawiki: better support for your language in MediaWikiҮзгәртү

Dear community. I am writing to you to promote a special wiki called Betawiki. This wiki facilitates the localisation (l10n) of the MediaWiki interface. You may have changed many messages here to use your language in the interface, but if you would log in to for example the Japanese language Wiktionary, you would not be able to use the interface as well translated as here. In fact, of 1,766 messages in the core of MediaWiki, only 29.73% of the messages have been translated to Tatar. Betawiki also supports the translation of messages for 126 extensions, with 2,174 messages. Many of them are used in WMF projects and they are vital for understanding the wiki. Currently 0.00% of the WMF extension messages have been translated to Tatar. Translators for over 90 languages contribute their work to MediaWiki this way every month.

If you wish to contribute to better support of your language in MediaWiki, as well as for many MediaWiki extensions, please visit Betawiki, create an account and request translator privileges. You can see the current status of localisation of your language on MediaWiki.org and do not forget to get in touch with others that may already be working on your language on Betawiki.

If you have any further questions, please let me know on my talk page on Betawiki. We will try and assist you as much as possible, for example by importing all messages from a local wiki for you to start with, if you so desire.

You can also find us on the Freenode IRC network in the channel #mediawiki-i18n where we will be happy to help you get started.

Thank you very much for your attention and I do hope to see some of you on Betawiki soon! Thanks, Malafaya@Betawiki 19. Feb 2008, 15:12 (UTC)

The village pumpҮзгәртү

Could you be so kind and move my contribution above to your "village pump" and also, could you please add a link to your village pump on meta? Thanks, Malafaya@Betawiki 19. Feb 2008, 15:12 (UTC)

Администратор вазифасыннан алып-атуҮзгәртү

Хәерле көн! Ни кызганыч, Сез Администратор вазыйфаларын үтәмисез. Шул сәбәпле, Сезне Администратор вазыйфасыннан алып-ату буенча тавыш бирү оештырырга мәҗбүр булдык. Бер атна эчендә, ягъни 27 июнь көненә кадәр Сез реабилитацияләнә аласыз. Аннары тавыш бирү оештырылачак. Җавапны көтәбез!--Рашат Якупов 20 июн 2010, 16:14 (UTC)

Безне аңлаганыгыз өчен рәхмәт =). Сез проектта тагын катнашачаксыз, дип өметләнәбез). Бер үтенеч бар иде: Зинһар, Сез үзегез менә монда администратор вазыйфасыннан азат итү турында риза булуыгыз хакында яза аласызмы? Тавыш бирү процедурасы 3 атна бара, ул гадәттә админ каршы булса гына кулланыла. Рәхмәт!--Рашат Якупов 22 июн 2010, 04:37 (UTC)

Булды, Сез идарәче вазыйфасыннан азат. Википедиядә эшегезне дәвам иттерерсез дигән өметтә калабыз, керткән өлешегез исә рәхмәт =)--Рашат Якупов 22 июн 2010, 16:41 (UTC)



Википедиягә күрсәткән хезмәтләре өчен ---Шәйхи 24 июн 2010, 11:09 (UTC)

Хәерле көн!Үзгәртү

Unfortunately I don't know anything about Tatar except the words I wrote on top and Рәхмәт but I promise I'll try to know more later on when I get some time (and I hope you understand English...). My name is Claudi Balaguer (User Capsot from the Catalan Viquipèdia and Occitan Wikiccionari). I'm a member of a Catalan association "Amical de la Viquipèdia" which is trying to become a Chapter (some kind of intermediate structure between the Wikipedias and the Wikimedia Foundation) but has seen this rejected because it doesn't belong to a/one state! I think that you understand too well what it is to be a speaker of a minorized language. If you think that our action may help all the minorized or stateless languages and preserve our cultures you can paste the following template on your user page Wikimedia CAT and/or sign our "Members and Supporters" list following the link on the template. Thanks/Рәхмәт for your attention! I wish you a pleasant and sunny end of summer. Take care! Capsot 31 авг 2010, 15:08 (UTC)