«Дин» битенең юрамалары арасында аерма

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[[Sociological classifications of religious movements]] suggest that within any given religious group, a community can resemble various types of structures, including "churches", "denominations", "sects", "cults", and "institutions".
[[File:Holika Dahan, Kathamandu, Nepal.jpg|thumb|The [[Hindu]] population of South Asia comprises about 2,000 [[caste]]s.<ref>[http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/285248/India/46404/Caste India&nbsp;– Caste]. Encyclopædia Britannica.</ref> According to some Hindu literature, there are 330 million (including local and regional) [[Hindu deities]].<ref>{{Cite book| year=2003 | title = World Religions: A Voyage of Discovery | author1=Jeffrey Brodd | publisher=Saint Mary's Press | isbn=978-0-88489-725-5 | page=45 | url=http://books.google.com/?id=vOzNo4MVlgMC&pg=PA45&dq=%22330+million%22 | ref=harv | postscript=<!--None--><!--}}: '[..] many gods and goddesses (traditionally 330 million!) [...] Hinduism generally regards its 330 million as deities as extensions of one ultimate reality, many names for one ocean, many "masks" for one God.'</ref>]]
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