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== Халык үрнәге ==
Яхшы булды, рәхмәт. -- [[Кулланучы:Marat Vildanov|Marat Vildanov]] 9 окт 2010, 19:07 (UTC)
== Hello, about Wikibooks! ==
I hope you're doing fine. рәхмәт for your support, I don't know if I thanked you before. Sorry, I just saw your message on the Occitan Wikibooks and I tried to vote for you but I couldn't understand how to do it on the page. Just let me know and I'll be really glad to vote for you (but please write to my userpage on the Catalan Wikipedia!). Take care, [[Кулланучы:Capsot|Capsot]] 10 окт 2010, 19:46 (UTC)