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|"''Doctor''? No other title? A ''scholar''? And he rates above the civil authority?"
"Why, certainly," replied Hardin, amiablyamilhjlkjklbgiuyhnvutkgjvnmvutfbhjably. "We're all scholars more or less. After all, we're not so much a world as a scientific foundation – under the direct control of the Emperor."
(Quote from ''[[Foundation (novel)|Foundation]]'' by [[Isaac Asimov]])
The formatting instructions allowed by a wiki vary considerably depending on the wiki engine that is used. Simple wikis only allow basic text formatting, whereas more complex ones have support for tables, images, formulas, or even interactive elements such as polls and games. Because of this, there is now an effort underway to define a [http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?WikiMarkupStandard Wiki Markup Standard].
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